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School Policies

Communication to Parents

If there are important matters that need the attention of the parents, the school may issue circulars, advisories, memoranda, notices and other forms of communication which shall be given to the parents through the student or through e-mail.

A reply slip must be provided if needed. This must be returned to the class adviser on time to acknowledge receipt of the communication and to indicate any appropriate action or follow up that may have already been undertaken to address the subject matter of the communication.

School Visitation

Parents or guardians who would like to know or discuss the academic performance and behavior of their children in class and other school matters with any of the teachers or principal must request for an appointment either through the telephone or letter to avoid disruption of classes.

Parents are not allowed to enter the classroom.

Campus and Classroom Discipline

  • Students shall keep the school premises clean and orderly.
  • Littering is prohibited.
  • Smoking is prohibited. This holds true even for faculty members and school personnel.
  • Offenses and violations done by the students are categorized according to degree as to minor and major offenses.

Minor Offenses – These are some rules and regulations which, even if they do not seem to be very significant still needs to be strictly observed and followed by the students for a more harmonious learning environment.

  • Boys must observe proper haircut every first Sunday of the month.
  • Complete school uniform both standard and PE uniform
  • School ID is a part of the school uniform therefore it must be worn at all times within the school premises.
  • Bullying or threatening a fellow student to prevent him/her from performing his/her duties and responsibilities.
  • Leaving the school campus without permission from the Class Adviser, School Nurse, Head of Student Affairs or the School Principal
  • Coming to class without required material habitually
  • Running, shouting and other forms of distraction along the corridors during class hours
  • Wilful or deliberate non-participation in assemblies and school programs without proper recognition from a teacher
  • Improper decorum during assemblies or other student’s activities
  • Talking out of turn, giving comments or remarks during class
  • Eating in the classroom during class hours
  • Saying bad words and/or making bad signs
  • Teasing, such as name calling, to the extent of putting one in an embarrassing situation
  • Littering
  • Gambling
  • Cutting classes
  • Loitering
  • Copying assignments and projects

Major Offenses – These are acts that cause damage to a person, property, honor and dignity as a human being and to the school.

  • Possession of marijuana or other prohibited drugs
  • Bringing of deadly weapons or explosives to school
  • Fighting inside the school campus or its immediate vicinity or in any place where approved school activities are held
  • Destroying or stealing of school property or the property of others
  • Gross disrespect to a person of authority while performing his functions and duties
  • Writing on the desks, tables, chairs, walls, including the walls and doors of the comfort room
  • Cheating in any form
  • Falsification of school documents such as report cards. Forgery of the signature of a person in authority or parents in official communication
  • Hazing
  • Extortion
  • Repetition of minor offenses
  • Smoking
  • Bringing pornographic materials
  • Bringing to school electronic gadget/s without permission

Rules of Discipline

*Based on the DepEd’s Policy for Private School Management

There is a Disciplinary Board which sits en banc as the need arises to discuss problems arising from student’s misbehavior, violation of existing rules or regulations on any matter pertaining to his actuation thereof. The Disciplinary Board is composed of Guidance Counsellor/School Principal, the Head of the Student’s Affairs, with the class advisers acting as honorary/committee member. It is the policy of the UIPS to enforce standards of behavior and rules of discipline.

The major sanctions are:

Expulsion – a very serious sanction which bans the student from all schools upon recommendation of the Disciplinary Board and approved by DepEd and KHDA.

Suspension – a sanction which forbids attendance in regular classes upon approval of the Disciplinary Board and Administration after the conference with the parents.

Withdrawal – means that a student will no longer study at UIPS upon recommendation of the adviser.

Denial of certain privileges

A mark of 70% in the deportment upon recommendation of the Disciplinary Board and Administration

Rendering of Community Services (number of days/ hours will depend on the degree of the offense done)

Comprehensive written report attached to the behavioral report from should be submitted to the Disciplinary Board.

For Major Offense – under the Disciplinary Board

For Minor Offense – under the discretion of the homeroom teacher of the student concerned

1st offense - warning by the adviser

2nd offense - notification of parents/guardians by the adviser

3rd offense - dealing with the offense as a major offense

Each case will be dealt with care in accordance with due process and with a common goal/decision. Written records of the proceedings are kept in the Guidance Office copy furnished the Office of the Principal.

For minor offense, a promissory note witnessed by the parents and attested by the adviser shall be signed by the offenders who committed minor offense stating among others that a repetition of the same offense or any other offense (major/minor) will be a cause for withdrawal from UIPS.


Punctuality is the timely conduct of any activity. Students are expected to be inside the classroom when the first bell rings. The second bell signals the start of the morning assembly. Each class will have a schedule to conduct the morning assembly/flag ceremony at the assembly area of the school.

Absenteeism should be restricted to the minimum as it hinders the progress of a student.

Students returning to school after recovering from an infectious disease must present a doctor’s certificate guaranteeing that he/ she is fully recovered from the illness.

Late comers must secure an admission slip from the Head of the Student Affairs and present this to the teacher before entering the classroom.

A student who has been absent from school - even from ONE DAY – must have their parents or guardian sign and give a reason in the page provided for this in the school diary.

School Uniform

Uniform is a distinctive clothing identifying the wearer as a member of an organization. It means always the same; not different from one another. Therefore, you are required to come to school wearing the prescribed UIPS uniform.

The official school ID with its official school strap must be worn in school AT ALL TIMES.

Students are discouraged from wearing jewelry or bringing large amount of money or valuables.

The Physical Education (PE) uniform must be worn on P.E. days according to the school time table.

Good Grooming

A student of UIPS is expected to practice good personal hygiene and grooming.


  • Boys should sport a neat, authorized hair cut/style (3x4).
  • Sporting coloured hair or full-shaven head is not allowed.
  • Hair cut inspection will be conducted every first Sunday of the month.
  • Earrings or any accessories should not be a part of the boys’ school uniform.
  • Nail polish, temporary or permanent tattoo or henna is prohibited.
  • Leather black shoes with white socks must be worn with the standard uniform.


  • Girls should keep their long hair tied with black clips or headband.
  • Sporting coloured / dyed / hi-lighted hair is not allowed
  • Dangling earrings and excessive fashion accessories should not be a part of the girls’ school uniform.
  • Nail polish, temporary or permanent tattoo or henna is prohibited.
  • Leather black shoes with white socks must be worn with the standard uniform

Books, Materials, and School Property

  • A student must bring his or her school diary, exercise notebooks and the writing materials to school every day without fail.
  • The school diary contains the daily homework assigned to the student and messages that need to be exchanged between parents and teachers.  Parents are requested to acknowledge the messages by signing the diary.
  • Homework must always be completed and handed over to the teacher on time. Acceptance of a late homework is up to the discretion of the teacher.
  • Students are expected to take care of the school property. Any damage done by a student to it will result in the imposition of fine or necessary replacement of the damaged property.
  • The school authorities are not responsible for the loss of articles, books, or money brought to the school by the students.
  • Electronic gadgets such as cell phones, video cameras, I-PODs and PSPs are prohibited inside the school premises.  If these gadgets will be required for any activity of the school, a permit to bring the gadget duly signed by the parents, the subject teacher and the Head of the Student Affairs should be presented.
  • Chewing gum is not permitted in the school.
  • Library books must be returned on time. If a library book is lost, the student will have to pay the cost of the book.


Fire Alarm

In case of fire alarm, teachers and staff members will accompany the students safely out of the school building to the assigned assembly area. Students must be alert, calm and quiet to be able to understand instructions being given by the school official.


School Buses, School Officials, Faculty and staff cars may park inside /outside the school campus designated parking areas. Visitors, suppliers, building maintenance and the like who have official business to conduct within the school may park their vehicles inside the campus provided there are still slots available as designated by the school security guard.

Lost and Found Articles

A Lost and Found Box is in the Office of the Head of Student Affairs where unclaimed items found in the school premises are kept. Items not claimed within the school year will be donated to any charitable organization in Dubai.

Birthday Celebration

The school recognizes the student's birthday in a simple program / greetings in class. Lavish celebration is not allowed to avoid disruption of classes. Birthday party should be done during recess time only. It is allowed for pupils from KG 1- Grade 3 only.

Use of School Telephone

Students are allowed to use the school telephone only in case of emergency. They may not use the telephone to have a homework, projects, school supplies and similar forgotten items at home to be brought in school. Students are trained to be more responsible and independent. Long distance calls are not allowed.

Care for the School Properties

It is the responsibility of the students to take care of the school properties which includes the tables and chairs, boards, computers, laboratory equipment, library books, sports equipment, school buildings, plants / trees in the campus, fire alarms / equipment, clinic facilities, cafeteria , swimming pool , multi-purpose court, communication facilities, comfort rooms and school buses. Any damaged done with evidences after proper investigation will be a part of the student’s behavioral report. It is the responsibility of the student to change / repair it.

UIPS Transportation Policy (PDF)

UIPS Computer Laboratory Policy (PDF)

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